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David—Had a GREAT time fishing. I caught my first Mahi
(pic attached).

Keri Beers
"When I heard that the Second Front was booked and they could make arrangements with one of their neighbors in the coop, I wondered about what I was getting into. I have to say I was very favorably impressed with the crew and the substitute boat. The crew was very attentive and kept changing lines and working to make sure we were on the fish. I was not disappointed. We had a great time and a decent catch."

Tim V.
Lexinton, SC

Had a great time on our fishing trip! We will look you guys up again when we come back.

Thanks a lot,
Glenn Zastrow
I had a great time on my charter. My guide Alfredo had me on the fish all day! It was a bit windy and cloudy,certainly not the best conditions for flats fishing but I still managed to catch enough to make the day memorable. Here is a pic of one.

Mark Manna, Amherst NY
We had a hard day at sea but came out on top. The seas were very calm and made for a hard fishing day. Capt. Luis and the two mates worked very hard to keep all five baits in the water and fresh. We were able to catch one mahi-mahi on the south end of the island and at 4:15 PM, about two miles from the marina, Davis Gregory-my stepson, caught a 60 pound white Marlin. This was his first marlin and a great high school graduation gift. I have fished for big game in many places around the world and give the "Second Front" a big thumbs up. They were there waiting, very friendly and my payment was secure. Thank for a great time. These guys can be trusted. Thanks Again and see you soon!

Scott Bunday, Plano, Texas
Attached are some photos of the sailfish and the Mahi Mahi we caught on the Second Front on Tuesday. We had a great time and Antonio (Capitan) was great. All I wanted was to catch a sailfish and we did just that. It was only our second time to ever fish like this and your guys took care of us as if we were royalty. I have never been treated better on any kind of fishing trip. I intend to do it again with Second Front next time in Coz.

Jason and Keri Beers
Thanks for helping with scheduling the best fishing trip ever. We booked two days and it was amazing. The first day we went out on Saturday morning at 7:30am sharp. We hooked our first Mahi within 10 minutes, a nice 45 pounder. Then we saw a free jumping white marlin to the side of the boat.. What a sight. A few minutes later we hooked a white marlin that threw the hook after a few jumps. We caught one more mahi for the day and lost a few others.

Sunday morning we went out hoping for a bill fish. We got a bite from a white marlin just out of the marina, it hit two baits and wouldn't stay hooked. Then we went out and had a blue marlin swim right bye the boat and would have no part of out baits. We went south and caught another nice mahi. It was slow for a while then we got in a school of mahi and landed three quickly. Coming into the marina with about 1 hour of time remaining to our two day fishing trip we had two marlin hit with no luck. Then we saw another blue marlin swimming right next to the boat again, but again no luck. 30 minutes to go and I saw a bill and fin come up on the long line. Tony quickly went up got the rod let the line back and hooked the fish. It almost spooled the line on the reel when it jumped, an amazing blue marlin. We got the line back with Captain Luis backing down on the fish. Then there he goes again taking almost all the line back out with spectacular jumps. This went on, over and over for a long time. Finally after 2 1/2 hours of fighting the fish Captain Luis bare handed grabbed the line and started hand lining the fish to the boat. Luis, Luis and Tony all grabbed the fish by the bill and got it in the boat. Somewhere in the 250 pound range. What an amazing fish. There were two tournaments so far this year and that fish would have won both of them.

Next time it will be a fishing and diving trip. Hope everyone is as fortunate as my wife and I. Thanks so much.

M and J Snider
Tallahassee, FL
Thanks again for helping us arrange the fishing trip. We had a really good time: caught 3 Mahi Mahi and 2 Wahoo. We even got back in time to have two of the fish grilled at a local restaurant before returning to the cruise ship! I have to admit, my expectations were very low going into this (booking on the internet can be a bit unpredictable), but the guys really came through and showed us a great time. Thanks again!

Humble, Texas
David, we had a spectacular time on the trip. The guys on the second front really took care of us and made for a great fishing trip. They put us on the fish quickly. After about 20 minutes, we hooked a marlin but unfortunately it threw the hook after a few jumps. Soon after, we were catching these nice mahi. The only negative thing about the trip was that we didn't have enough time, but the lady (my wife) had to shop. Oh well. We will definitely be back next year so let your guys on the boat know.

Kevin and April
We had the time of our lives, the service and treatment on the boat with Captain Luis and the crew were First Class! These guys were amazing. I went on my first dive ever in the morning and saw a whole new world. Luis is a very patient and wonderful instructor. In the afternoon I landed a good fighting Mahi Mahi that I can't wait to sink my teeth into. What an awesome day! Can't wait to get back, next time with mom and the boys!

M. Diaz
Brownsville, Texas
We had a great time fishing with the crew of the "Second Front"!  We even landed a 45-50lb Wahoo.  We would love to come back in October for diving and fishing.  I will send you an e-mail to book another trip.  Thanks again to Luis (Capt.) and Luis (Mate).

Brandon H.
Ellerslie, Georgia
What a day! Luis and Luis are great! When we cleared the marina, Luis turned on the stereo and got to work baiting hooks.  Luis got all the bait in the water and then started panning around looking for signs of the targets.  Only taking his eyes off the water to make sure I was good on cerveza. By the way, everyone went out of their way to assist my sea sick prone girlfriend, helping where ever they could.  The music was great, the people were excellent, and most of all the fishing was amazing. Three Dorado (Mahi Mahi) and the first Sailfish of the season (check out the gallery that’s Luis, Luis, the sailfish, and me in the middle with the St Louis baseball hat on). These guys knew where and how to fish.  It was an amazing day. Top notch very professional individuals with some great fish stories.  Lucky for me I didn’t have any time to hear them, since we were too busy reeling in the fish!

David was great also; he was more than accommodating in arranging our outing.  Spending your day with Luis and Luis will be something to remember;  we had a great time with the guys! I’m still smiling from the experience.  We can't wait to come back; we love Cozumel and the people are amazing! Thanks guys, see ya soon.

Kathy & Todd  Florissant, MO
You're crew was great and very professional. They kept my family happy while on the boat including taking us to a few snorkeling spots. This was the only fish we caught; but any day, if the only fish you catch is a White Marlin, it's a good one.

Myron Alt, Eagle, Colorado
Love your operation there in Cozumel. Becky and Myself had a wonderful time on the flats and on the offshore trip. Your staff are very skilled and professional. Both of the trips we took on your boats felt like first class charters and we have been on quite a few. Tell your brother thank you for making a couple dreams come true for the two of us. I caught my first bonefish, and Becky was 2/3 of the way to a grand slam on the flats with the bonefish and permit (she needed a tarpon to complete the gs). We will definitely be back!
Jim and Becky - Urbana, Illinois

I wanted to send you a note and let you know that we had a great time last Tues. on our trip with Luis. We had no trouble getting to the marina, and as soon as we arrived Luis and the crew were ready to leave. As it turns out, the ship did arrive at 7am local time so we got there about 8am and were well on our way by 8:30. We headed South towards the end of the island and when we got close to the area around the lighthouse, we picked up two Yellow Fin at the same time. The further we got around the island the more the wind picked up out of the Southeast and it got real rough, and we couldn't make it without getting sick. So I told Luis to head back to the leeward side, but the fish were out there in the rough stuff. I think that if we could have stayed out there we would have done real well. Luis took us where the fish were and we were very satisfied with him and the crew (Antonio, and Luis). We will definitely refer him to anyone we see coming that way and hope to return ourselves if we can.
Tracy and Phyllis Withers - Gastonia, North Carolina

Upon cancellation due to weather, Captain Cecil writes:
You can bet that my next trip down will include a booking with you, we are already thinking about flying down for a 3 day visit. I could tell that Louis and Christina are my kind of folks, so we will be in touch. I received my full refund. Thanks again and don't worry I fully understand the nature of the beast, I had to cancel one just before we left and looks pretty bad for me this week too as another cold front bears down on us. Keep in touch Cecil.
Captain Cecil,  - Galveston, Texas

We just returned from Cozumel and fishing with the crew on the Second Front, Luis and Antonio. We did not have the perfect day for fishing with the presence of high winds, but the harbor master said we could safely fish so we went fishing. The crew of the Second Front worked extremely hard to put us on fish and we were successful, catching two Wahoo! These fish are one of the most difficult fish to catch in these waters and we were able to find not one, but two. We only observed two other boats out fishing and to our knowledge, they were unsuccessful in their attempt to locate and catch fish. I would strongly recommend the Second Front and the crew of that vessel to anyone wishing to fish in Cozumel with an expectation they will catch fish! Please thank the crew for us again!
Steve McGuire - Mossyrock, WA

We had an excellent time with Luis and Miguel today. The bite was consistent if not great. We boated 4 very good barracuda, but the prizes were two mahi-mahi and a wahoo (a first for us all). Of all of the charters we have done, Luis was the most engaging captain that we have encountered. He enjoyed the day every bit as much as we did and we spent quite a bit of time just enjoying getting to know him and Miguel. Luis is a rare breed in his industry and will no doubt be a sought after charter captain in short order. I will recommend his services to anyone traveling to Cozumel and definitely make a return trip if I happen to make it back to the island.

Just back from vacation and we are already thinking about when we can book our next charter on the Second Front. Luis and crew have a true passion for sportfishing. We knew that were in for a great time but Luis's knowledge of fishing, diving, and local history totally exceeded our expectations. The Wahoo I landed was the biggest yet for me.  Mate Orlando (?), beside tending to our five line spread and teasers, prepared a great lunch and was always there with a cold beverage. Also, many thanks to you Dave for making the booking process a breeze. Could'nt have been easier.
Don and Tory Fait - Marshfield, MA

Wow! We had a fantastic experience with Christina and Luis. They were first class. Not only the diving but the hospitality as well. They are your best friends on that boat! We also went fishing with them and caught the largest blue marlin of the Cozumel Rodeo May 13 a day after Christina`s birthday! This crew really knows how to FISH! Thanks.
Danny Loff - Brownsville, Texas
We had a great time with your crew on our December trip we thought we would do it again. We caught a beautiful 45 lb Woohoo that was off the chains. My son college age soon would love to do this trip again with your awesome crew!. I hope we can work something out. How would we do the trip if we fished and snorkeled? looking forward to hearing from you David!